Organization Effectiveness is affected by all sorts of elements and causes. As the saying goes, Lookers-on see most of the game. Sometimes, it just takes a second opinion to help you to sort things out.


In DHRG, we help organizations to analyze the current status quo, diagnose the pain-points, and provide both reasonable and reachable solutions to conquer those obstacles with the help of scientific approach and tools.


A normal Organizational Diagnosis process would look like as follows:

I. Leadership Sparring Session

A free discuss session where DHRG senior consultants and top leadership team of the organization sit together and dissect the organizational status quo. We help to deep dive into the essence of the problems and help to prioritize focused areas.

II. Organizational Efficiency Survey – OD Map

OD Map, on online-based organizational capability survey, would be rolling out throughout the whole organization. After hearing what leadership team has to say about the organizational challenges, such organizational-wide “quick-check” would help us to validate the findings from the Leadership Sparring Session.

III. Qualitative Feedback Session

Combining the findings from Leadership Sparring Session and OD Map, DHRG consultants would interview selected sample group from the organization, to further explore the facts and rational behind the survey result.

IV. Organizational Capability Diagnosis Reporting

With information gathered from the previous three rounds of data collecting, DHRG will provide a consolidated finding report in terms of the organization’s status and recommended next step in terms organizational development.

Potential follow up projects may include:

Talent Management

Career Development & Job Levelling

Talent Management

Strategic Recruitment and Training

Compensation and Benefit Re-design

Leadership/Management Development