For most organizations, the efficiency and performance of its sales team would have a huge impact on its business. Developing a strong sales team could help the organization better achieve the target, and navigate through the complicated market.

At DirectHR Group, we leverage our expertise in organizational and people development to help you to build a strong sales force.


He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened. Which is why at DirectHR Group, we pay extra attention to the diagnostic stage before launching any development program, we take our time to do a proper and thorough diagnosis, to understand not only the status quo of the organization, the existing practice but also to have a proper profile inventory.


With the results from diagnosis stage, Direct HR Group will design a customized development program for your sales force. DirectHR Group supports organization to develop a customized development program aiming to solve the pain point of individual sales capability. With our Blended Learning Approach, we combine classroom training and mobile learning to make sure sales team all over the country will have the access to the same level of learning and development.

Professional Effectiveness


          • Our trainers/consultants bring in expertise and insights that specific to your organization’s industry. We take pride to provide



          • Intensive and extensive pre-training workshop and discussion ensure a program that directly addresses to organization’s pain points.



          • DHRG conducts thorough follow-ups to document the feedbacks, in order to adapt the program along the way. We aim for the most optimized program results.

China’s marketplace is getting more competitive and many organizations face challenges to further develop the market. 

Make your sales force ready to position the features and benefits of the products / services they sell and accelerate your sales process.


Explain the right skill and mind set a professional sales person must possess to connect better with customers, overcome objections, and close sales confidently.

          • Professional selling skill set and mind set
          • Controlling a conversation / Active Listening
          • Open question selling technique
          • Handling objections model (APAC)
          • Handling price / Nine closing techniques


To achieve companies sales targets a setting of strategic tools like forecasts, sales planning, and motivational essentials are covering this module.

              • Sales forecasting methods and tools
              • Handling the most common objection: price
              • Nine closing techniques / Visualize your sales
              • Cross-selling and up-selling / After – sales
              • Personality styles: Yours and your customers


Determine sales and territory potential and assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your territory.

                • Territory planning and routing
                • Sales territory analysis
                • Key customer potential concept
                • What makes a customer attractive?
                • Calculating real customer potential


Measuring and evaluating your activities help you to achieve sales goals. Understanding cultures and markets will leverage your sales knowledge to a higher level.

                • Strong sales pipeline across your territory
                • Territory routing patterns / Blocking territory
                • Measuring and evaluating performance
                • Challenging markets / greater China market
                • Selling successful cross cultures

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